L’Oisans is a savage mountain country offer you a lot of mountain activities.

You can mountaineering and skiing from les Petites Sources in the mountains, villages and ski resorts of Oisans.

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In summer from “les petites Sources”.

While father and friends up or down a crazy thing in bike, mountain, ski, paraglider, canoe or raft, do a small family walking or biking tour whit child and friends from “Les Petites Sources” to la Rive river, Blue or Buclet lakes, la Pisse water fall, several sources, le Vénéon and Romanche rivers to:

  • The green way, a new biking way to get  “Venosc” or Allemont.
  • On the way around l’Oisans “le GR 54” whit the walkers and the hikers.
  • On several smalls easy ways and roads in the forest or on the dyke of “la Romanche”.
  • In canoe or paddle to down the easy river “la Rive”, departure 500 meters from les Petites Sources.
  • Or for child a small poney tour whit “Cavaloisans” a riding club 500m from “les Petites Sources.

Walker, hiker and runner travel all over the Oisans plain left or right side by the pastoral ways or on the Romanche’s dikes and do a lot of distance.

Also, from “les Petites Sources”, several mountain way climb from the plain to the altitude villages. this are wonderfull and can get some views on the mountains of “les Ecrins” and Romanche and Vénéon valleys whit those objectifs:

  • Lauvitel lake, altitude 1550m, by “la Danchére” village, 3 hours.
  • Villard Notre Dame village, altitude 1550m by “La Pisse” water fall or “la Gardette” way in 2h30.
  • Villard Reymond by “le chemin du facteur” in 2h30.
  • Le Prégentil summit, allied 1850m, by “le Puy” in 3hours, possibility to make a tour by “le chemin du facteur”.
  • Villard Reculas village, altitude 1450m, by “le chemin de l’Ours”.

Hiking in Oisans

Around le  Bourg d’Oisans plain, mountains are nice views whit glaciers, mountains pastures, pass, rivers, water fall and altitudes lakes. Do those long journey trek. At home, you can consult some local maps and guides or our advices.

In winter from “les Petites Sources”

Skiers liking doing a lot of difference in altitude and distance will like The place of “les Petites Sources” to ski in the great ski resort of Alpe d’Huez and les2Alpes. You get it by car in 30mn. La Grave-la-Meije whit the hitghter slop of the south Alp (3558m hight) and the famous ski off “Les Vallons de la Meije” in the bottom of “la Meije” and “le Rateau”, 40mn from les Petites Sources by car.

During the winter whit the first snow fall, you can  hiking ski in the pasture from the villages of “Besse en Oisans, la Grave or le col du Lautaret. Then, whit more snow, in Belledonne there are a lot of route in several combs whit very nice slopes. In March, la Bérarde road usually is open, the refuge also and you can ski in the hight mountain of les Ecrins,

For the snowshoes, in the ski resort there are several making out ways. You can go whit the mountain guide from the mountain guide office.

From “les Petites Sources” You can walk or hike every time on the way in the Bourg d’oisans valley. In the forest, along the dike of “la Romanche” you could discover the nice places whit sources, smalls rivers, water fall and lakes.

Please note that these activities could be supervised by a qualified instructor and guide books whit maps.

More informations about Oisans

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